A safe approach to your projects

Our philosophy: security is not a product or a process it is a state of mind! In a business context, it is not always easy to identify issues and risks associated with technological guidance. Our company can help you to understand, quantify and suggest safe guidelines, so you can deploy sturdy systems.

Auditing and consulting expertise of information security

Every day, thousands of personal data go through clinical systems that we audited. We have extensive experience in information systems for local, regional and even national systems. Whether they are laboratory, DME, DCI, PACS systems, we can identify risks and recommend concrete actions to improve safety.

Infrastructure Virtualization

More than simply consolidate servers, virtualization enables improving management, implementation and business continuity processes. Thanks to certified resources, a professional partnership with VMWare and our expertise in information security, we will ensure that your virtualization projects represent a reduced operation cost, compliance with industry’s best practices and excellent security architecture.

Implementation of controls

From day to day the threats are more prevalent and are increasingly dependent on computer systems; implementing protection becomes an essential element to guarantying the security of your systems. With partners such as Trend Micro, we will recommend and implement security mechanisms and reliable monitoring tools allowing you to ensure the respect of your target’s in compliance.
You have a question in security and want to speak to a specialist, so feel free to contact us.